About us

We as a company

As one of the leading German lubricant producers and specialists for fuels and heating oils, we have a solid basis for tomorrow’s challenges.

In 2020, the AS group of companies generated an annual
turnover of more than 375 € million with an average number
of 170 employees.

At VQ Lube you can expect top quality at convincing and fair conditions! For 35 years we have been your reliable partner when it comes to punctual delivery of high-performance lubricants for the automotive industry, especially in the field of car and truck engines and transmissions.

In addition, our diverse portfolio of more than 170 automotive lubricant products also includes radiator coolants (antifreeze), windscreen cleaners and antifreeze, brake fluids, greases and other technical fluids and specialties.

– State-of-the-Art Technology – Made in Germany –

Our production and storage capacities at a glance:

Container fillings

from 250 millilitre cans up to 1,000 litres IBC drums


daily between 250,000 and 350,000 containers

Speed and efficiency

up to 90 x 1 litre cans per minute
or 3,000 x 5 litre canisters per hour

Storage capacities

more than 10 million litres held in bulk underground,
approximately 45,000 m² of hall space and
pallet storage using the latest floor conveyor technology

From our company location in Ankum, Germany, we currently deliver to customers in Southern and Eastern Europe,
North Africa, Asia and the Far East; to more than 87 countries worldwide.

Powerful, reliable, and safe!

Our product range


VQ pit stop
for your vehicle


VQ Turbo for your engine.


The VQ pole position for your cooling system.

Service products

Test bench for your vehicle systems.