VQ Pit stop for your vehicle

Engine Oils

Modern engines are marvels of technology. They are incredibly powerful and work efficiently. Due to the so-called “downsizing” of engines, the pressure and friction load in the engines has continued to increase in recent years.

VQ Lube engine oils are advanced engine oils that have responded to this evolution. VQ Lube offers the right oil and operational safety for almost every vehicle, even with the strongest torque. Your engine gets the latest technology with our VQ Lube engine oils. Our high-performance engine oils set standards in performance and product durability. Engine wear is greatly reduced.

The rupture of the sensitive oil film is prevented by special additive packages, thus minimizing the friction between the metal surfaces in the engine. Engines must be effectively protected from combustion residues, acids resulting from fuel particles, abrasion and corrosion by a sophisticated engine oil.

VQ Lube engine oils can free your engine from those dreaded engine deposits while protecting it from new, hazardous deposits. Our No.1 performance engine oils contribute to extending the life of your vehicle. Extended oil change intervals are easily possible with our long-life oils. They are therefore sustainable and resource-saving, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly!

VQ Lube engine oils have the approvals of major OEM car manufacturers. Our engine oils meet the required specifications and even exceed these by many times.

Gear Oils

Gears are true masterpieces of engineering. Modern transmissions and differentials make the highest demands on the oils used.

VQ Lube gear oils ensure that costly repairs to a gearbox are avoided. That’s why our VQ Lube gear oils meet the highest demands of car manufacturers. Wear reduction due to reduced friction, heat dissipation and corrosion protection are ideally and permanently tackled by our gear oils. This will maximize the life of your transmission.

Hydraulic oils

Hydraulic systems are absolute powerhouses. They transmit large forces over relatively short distances. They are used in machine tools, robots, cranes, forestry equipment, excavators, ships, airplanes, steelworks, mines, etc.

Hydraulic oil and hydraulic fluid from VQ Lube ensure very good compressibility and friction reduction coupled with excellent corrosion protection that preserves the performance characteristics of the hydraulic oil for long periods.
VQ Lube hydraulic oils are particularly materials-compatible and ensure thermal stability and optimum power transmission for your hydraulic system, even under extreme loads.