VQ Pit stop for your vehicle


VQ Pit stop for your vehicle!

Additives play a central role in the area of fuels and lubricants and are a very important main component. No lubricant can do
without this important “ingredient”. Modern engine oils consist to a large extent of 15% – 30% of additives. Carefully selected and specially formulated, your lubricant, whether engine, transmission or hydraulic oil and even your fuel, will meet the requirements of today’s
engine and fuel systems.

Additives from VQ Lube take over and improve the key functions of your fuel and lubricant, and help clean and maintain the entire engine, fuel and aggregate system. With additives from VQ Lube you protect your engine and many important technical components in your vehicle. They therefore ensure an increase in service life, performance maintenance and even an increase in output, lowering your fuel and oil consumption and increasing corrosion protection.

VQ Lube additives are suitable for all types of vehicles, whether petrol or diesel engine. All fuel, engine and vehicle systems are reliably cleaned and maintained. These include the air conditioning, power steering, cooling system and the injection and carburettor system. Our additives help you maintain and restore the original performance of your engine.

Fuel additives

Internal combustion engines are marvels of technology. True power machines. Modern engines are technically advanced and are becoming ever more efficient. Engines are exposed to the highest loads during operation. Especially in motorsports. Every combustion process equals a small explosion and residues of very small particles and even deposits build up on technically very important engine components in the engine’s combustion chamber. Valves and injectors, nozzle needles in diesel engines as well as the entire combustion chamber are affected by these harmful residues of the combustion process.

VQ Lube fuel additives can prevent the re-emergence of these deposits and eliminate old contaminants. For you this means: lower repair and maintenance costs, lower fuel consumption and higher engine performance

Service additives

Our service additives from VQ Lube clean, maintain and protect your vehicle’s most important components and aggregate systems. They reduce susceptibility to faults and save costs through extended maintenance intervals, unnecessary downtime and workshop visits.